U-Pick Flower Farm

Our U-Pick is officially closed for the 2022 season! 



Admission (2022 pricing)

Admission is $8 per person (2 years and under is free) this price does NOT include any flowers and is for ANY individual over the age of 2 years old who does not wish to purchase one of our u-pick containers. No reservation needed for general admission/ Regular hour days.

Containers (2022 Pricing)

We have 6 different u-pick containers to choose from: $17 jar (refill $12), $25 jar (refill $20), $40 sunflower mug (refill $30), $45 Wildflower Farm logo mug (refill $30), $60 Sunflower pitcher (refill $40), and $70 Wildflower Farm logo pitcher (refill $40). With the purchase of one of these containers you are able to fill it with any flowers you can fit INSIDE that jar. A purchase of a single jar/pottery waives the admission fee for that single person. ** ALL CONTAINERS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY**

We do not allow outside jars/vases/containers to be brought into our u-pick field.

$17 - Jar of Flowers


$25 - Jar


$40 - Mug

This is a custom ceramic mug created Deena from Idle Hands Pottery. 


$40 - Mug

This is a custom ceramic mug created Deena from Idle Hands Pottery.

$60 - Pitcher

This is a custom ceramic pitcher created Deena from Idle Hands Pottery. 


$70 - Wildflower Farm Pitcher

This is a custom ceramic pitcher created Deena from Idle Hands Pottery. 


***Pricing & availability are subject to change at ANY TIME***


Cash       Credit Card

Your own clippers or scissors. We do have scissors available for you to use but we can not guarantee availability. We DO NOT ALLOW children to use scissors AT ANYTIME. Please do not allow children to pick any flowers unless you intend to use them in your jar.

Sunscreen. The U-Pick Flower Garden is an open field, we do have some picnic tables in the shade but we are mostly sun.

Respectful children! This is our personal property and we have worked hard so we can share it with others - we want to keep it that way! Please do not leave your children unattended. DO NOT allow children to chase, harass or tease our animals or intentionally destroy property. If this happens, you will be asked to leave without refunds.


    1. Park in the designated parking lot by the farm (follow signage).

    2. Walk up to the Admission building. There you can purchase your admission or purchases one of our jars, mugs or pitchers to fill. Once you do that, your flower-picking adventure begins! Let your imagination help you create your floral masterpiece.

    3. Fill your container with water.

    4. Have fun! There are over 12 types of flowers and foliage to choose from. Fill your jar with as many flowers as you can. Once you are done, feel free to enjoy the sites, relax and sip on a fresh squeezed lemonade or iced coffee. Cool off with an ice cream. Kids’ admission includes the Barrel Cart ride, slides and Jumpy Pillow. Pssst...adults can ride the Barrel Carts too!


    We are a dog friendly facility as long as they are leashed at all times while on the property and FRIENDLY. We also ask that you please clean up after them. We reserved the right to ask anyone to leave if there are any issues.


    Please learn more about our photography options to book photography sessions. NO cameras other than cell phones are allowed during normal business hours. Reservations must be made to use any style professional cameras.