Photography Nights 2024 season

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Thank you so much for your interest in photography nights at The Wildflower Farm 2024! 

 PLEASE read our whole description with all the information about our photography nights.

Time slot is the last two hours before sunset and is non-refundable.

*this reservation is for photographers or customers who have already booked a photographer- No photographer is included in this reservation from The Wildflower Farm  

To provide the most enjoyable experience, we are limiting the number of photographers we book during our photography evenings. (Please note this does mean there can be up to 4 other photographers at the same time as you in the farm. You may book as many families as you wish during your timeframe. Your clients will not be charged an admission fee during your time but each family will be asked to stop at the front entry building and fill out one of our waivers before entering. Please inform your clients that no flowers are to be cut/picked on these sessions. Separate reservations are required for each Photo Session you book if you are looking for multiple nights.

Our farm will only be open to photographers and their clients with reservations on these specific evenings only, there will be no general admission customers during these nights. Reservations for these nights gives you access to the U-pick field for photos, the use of the outside of our beautiful barns as photo backdrops and Sunflower rows (WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY SUNFLOWERS ON ANY GIVEN DATE they are subject to availability- we can only plant the flowers but it is up to Mother Nature how and when they come up).

We do suggest advertising flower farm minis/sessions as we mentioned above we do not guarantee sunflowers for sunflower minis.


The inside of barns and buildings will not be accessible during these sessions but you are welcome to use the outsides as backdrops. This reservation is good only for the evening booked by the photographer or client.


At our discretion, if the weather does not permit photos to be taken or the field/flowers are not in ideal condition, we will contact the person who made the reservation ASAP so please put the best contact number in the notes when making your reservations. We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling your session with a few open date options.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for choosing us for your photo session!!


-The Wildflower Farm